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i am a member of this religion and im so proud to the religion i belong.:)

rita : )

i don't know why. but these pics reminds me of Ingmar Bergman movies. it looks eerie yet fascinating! don't get me wrong, i love Ingmar Bergman movies.

JD Cruz

The photos and text combined became a very commendable post. Great job, Sidney!



Can i just say what a wonderful job you have done on attempting to catch banahaw life at its purest and most sincere, without all the judgments and the prejudice the rizalistas themselves are wary of.

I've visited a rizalista colony once before, 5 years ago i think, and it was on an island i believe. The people there were pious as were they genuine. Their beliefs and their aspirations, albeit different from your average filipino, ring with indubitable familiarity and affinity. Because perhaps in essence, the spirit identifies with such powerful narratives of beginning and ends, of power and beauty, of divine unquestioning and human fallability.

I left that island then not knowing what a valuable experience it had been then, as it now became my personal point of reference when viewing different cultures through the cultures' own eyes.

Your picture sets have indeed reminded me that despite the daily struggle of the filipino to survive, that despite the sort of everyday news of poverty and misery we hear and see so much of on our streets, pockets of simple filipino splendour exist...of faith and wonder, of a fearless surrender to the colours of filipino life and culture.

This sort of photography/sensitive "travelouguing" should be commended and imitated. congratulations.

Perhaps we could talk more about this experience you've had in the near future.

Hope to see more from you soon.


My father became Rizalista a few years ago. you can just imagine the uproar when every body else is Sabadista.


Very educational series, as always. Thanks for taking the time to shoot and post all this.

The second shot from the top stands out. I like the colors, but the sense of motion you've captured really sets it off.

Otto K.

Wonderful set of the procession.

dodong flores

Interesting set of photos to conclude for this series. This post is really amazing...


Thanks for this series Sidney! I've learned a lot. Although I've heard of the Rizalistas before, before you posted these, I never actually thought that they existed. So this is very eye-opening for me. No, of course we shouldn't judge them and should respect them... we are all different.


it's a very good series. and while i don't share their beliefs, i walk away enlightened.

in any case, i hope other people will follow your disclaimer.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Thank you for this interesting series. Each one has the freedom to choose his or her own faith and I respect that.

Cartoon Blogger

Oh Religion.

Chris Vallancourt

Great series, and certainly a very interesting religious tradition.


I like all the information in addition to the fine photography. Excellent work again.

chris chisu

Beautiful documentary.


Very informative, very excellent coverage.

But of course, we should respect any religion, no matter how strange they appear to us, as long as the practices are not contrary to natural and human laws.


Very interesting photos and journalistic endeavor on a topic that many people including myself have been desiring to know about :)


La religion, toujours la religion, très pratiquants dans ce pays !


A very interesting series, Sidney. Don't worry, I would never abuse the copyright of a photographer.

haggis basher

Looks like you posted a weeks worth of images at one go. This has been a great series Sidney, very interesting.


Interesting images, they have a cult like feeling to them.

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